Just You Wait!

Just a quick link to an interesting article in the New York Times. This takes a load off of teachers and parents, who believe that there are some things a child will grow out of. I don’t want to say that there aren’t developmental disorders that are there for life, just that it may pay to be patient. Charlotte Mason was right on when she advocated lots of outdoor time for kids in the early elementary years.

Bad Behavior Does Not Doom Pupils, Studies Say 


  1. It’s funny you said that. When I read Robin Hood aloud, it takes no time at all before all three of my boys are doing mock battles in the living room, acting out every single drubbing. They are listening, but who’d know.

  2. Great post!

    Articles like that make me feel vindicated because I gave my very active, random boy some grace. He read early, but his writing skills were behind his peers. It took him forever to get comfortable with math (ninth grade), but now he is acing all of his Algebra and Geometry tests. He can even outline a complex book like “How to Read a Book.”

    I weathered the bursts of energy and difficulty sitting still, instead of running out for meds. Yes, sometimes, I put a folder up to block out my peripheral vision so I would not be distracted by the superhero acting out what I was reading aloud to him.

    Charlotte Mason and the “better late than never crowd” are so right about the wide variety in timing in how kids develop.