A Moment of Silence, Please

Our TV died today at exactly 4:30 PM today. Yes, just minutes into the 2 hour Super Bowl pre-game show. My husband had informed us all that he might want to watch, so we could adjust our activities accordingly.

It was a slow death, starting several months ago. As we were watching one day, the screen suddenly went blank. No picture, no sound, no power. We finally figured out that it was probably short-circuiting and overheating, then turning itself off. A good thing, as that may have prevented its going up into flames. We soon discovered that with a sound smack on one side, the picture and sound would return.  After smacking the TV, the menu of settings would appear on the screen. A push of the correct button cleared this from the screen. Even R, who was only 3 1/2 at the time, mastered the smack and button push technique. This continued for months, occurring more and more frequently until it happened several times an hour, interrupting countless movies and shows. The family all took it in stride. T, especially took the initiative of jumping up to quickly fix the TV before we lost the plot of whatever we were watching. Tonight, It refused to be revived.

I’m not a real football fan. I didn’t even know which teams were playing. Personally, I was looking forward to the commercials. Nevertheless, there was some mourning. My sweetie offered to run out quickly to a pawn shop and pick one up. I convinced him that, as much as I’ll miss it (I’ll have to teach Latin myself) we can wait until the next TV moves in, whenever that will be.

So instead of vegging out, here’s what we did:

  • Went outside and tossed the football around
  • Made no-TV chocolate pudding
  • Listened to The Point
  • Listened to the first side of the Star Wars soundtrack.
  1. What? The Super Bowl was last night?

    Half of the time I do not know who is playing . . . I was watching Jane Austen on Masterpiece Theater anyway . . .

    I am sorry for your loss . . .

  2. I wish our TV would meet the end. Having one is one of the compromises of married life. Enjoy the quiet. 🙂