Beware the Cedar

A couple of weeks ago the cedar count began edging upwards. Then there were itchy eyes, sniffles and sneezes showing up in everyone. At first, we just claimed it was allergies. After all, the weather man said we had the highest cedar count since 2004. But when T said he couldn't remember not feeling stuffy and R started refusing meals, I had to admit that we had a virus making its way through the family. These secondary infections always get us. Before the evening was over, all three boys were complaining.

This morning, I finally caved and decided I needed to take a decongestant. The decongestant ended up making me really sick. I curled up while my dear husband took T to school ( he's not feeling sick enough to stay home, just a stuffy nose), and we let the younger two sleep. School at home is hereby canceled while I wait this out. When the kids are feeling better, we'll resume.

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