I Am a Runner


Photo by Yaroslav B


I am a runner.

I do not run fast.

I do not run far.

But I am a runner.

I run to stay healthy.

I run to stay sane.

I run because my body aches to move.

My feet long to feel the pound as they hit the road.

I’m not an experienced runner.

I do not run marathons.

I’ve never entered a 5K.

I love seeing the nature in my own neighborhood; saying hello to the dogs that bark at me as I pass; chatting with neighbors.

This only happens when it is cool outside.

Soon it will be 95 degrees by 9am.

My walks will take place even earlier.

The sunrise will be my friend.

My shoes aren’t expensive.

My outfit is not perfect.

My hair may be a mess.

I don’t own any ear buds or headphones.

I listen to the birds and the sound of my own breathing.

I savor the season.

I am a runner.



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  1. So, true, Kristia, so true.

  2. I am a runner too and I’m aching to get outside. So glad the nice weather is upon us.

  3. How refreshing and inspiring.

  4. Jess,
    No need to miss it entirely. Just switch to walks around the yard as your date nears, then enjoy sitting with baby on a blanket and watch the trees after baby arrives. It’s truly magical.

  5. Running in the spring is something I am going to miss this year. I feel like you – I am not fast but it is good!