Moving Out of the Mud Bath

Photo by Oskar Henriksson

I’ve been in a mud bath of apathy. It’s not a lack of motivation. I’m motivated to do a lot of things. The problem is, I can’t seem to get going on anything. I have lots of unfinished tasks. To get moving, here are several techniques that I use with varying degrees of success.

Make a List and Work It


When I can’t decide what to work on, I often dump all of my ideas onto a list. Sometimes I prioritize, sometimes I don’t. Writing things on a list makes them demand attention. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to cross items off when you finish them. That in itself is a reward!

Move Yourself


Sometimes getting moving helps a person to get moving. For instance, before tackling my list, I would like to try to begin pushups training. Hopefully, this will stimulate my body to produce adrenaline, which will help me move forward. At least I’ll be more awake.

Be Accountable


Telling someone else that you are going to complete a project can help. This works better if they ask you about your progress on the project. When they ask, be honest about how things are going on the project. If you hit a stumbling block, say so. Perhaps they can help you over it.

Create Mini Goals


Instead of making it a goal to clean the bathroom, break it up into smaller tasks: clear the counter, clean the mirror, wipe the counter, sweep the floor, swish the toilet and scrub the tub. Give yourself credit for doing any of these steps. The result will please you.

What do you do to get out of the mud? Put on your boots and get moving!

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  1. That’s true, Marnie. It’s hard to get moving when you are immersed in the mud, but it really does help.

  2. I love your advice to “move yourself”. It’s so true! If I step outside even for a minute, when I come back in to work I feel totally revitalized!

  3. That accountability is key. Thanks for the prodding!

  4. YES, Love the mini goals!!! And I can’t tell you how much I enjoy crossing things out.

    The real FACTOR of getting something done… In terms of hitting a goal is creating a system for it. That system includes checking on it, that accountability.

    If you do not create a system to reach the goal, you are just wishfully thinking.

    Great work! Surfs up,