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I was going to write about the trials of our science experiment today. Instead, I will brag. DH returned home early today, around 4:30, which gave me a chance to run to Target to pick up another t-shirt in a different color. While I was gone, I gave instructions for T to listen to the LibriVox recording of Chapter 30 of Our Island Story. I gave only the briefest instructions to DH, for whom taking T’s narrations is not second nature. Upon returning, I was greeted with this:

Henry Plantagenet: Gilbert and Rohesia

Thomas was Henry Plantagenet’s helper. Gilbert and Rohesia were the parents of Thomas à Becket. Gilbert was on a pilgrimage. He was captured by a Saracen, an enemy of the Christians. The enemy put him in a prison. Rohesia saw Gilbert and he loved her. Rohesia was the daughter of the Saracen. Rohesia came to Gilbert every night and gave him food and water to eat and drink. One night Rohesia came and said the Saracen was asleep and she had the keys to the prison and she let Gilbert out. Gilbert went to London, and promised to send for Rohesia, but he never did because he had so much work to do.

Rohesia thought he would send for her every day, but in the evening each day she said, “He has not sent.”

Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer. She went to the boat port and though she could only speak two words in English, she was not nervous. She went around the boat dock, crying, “London” until she found a boat that was going there. She had no money but she gave the ship captain some of her jewels, and he was kind to her and let her on board.

When she got to London, she ran around crying “Gilbert, Gilbert” till she found his house and Gilbert recognized the voice and opened the door. The next moment Rohesia was in Gilbert’s arms, crying. The got married and they had a son named Thomas, who was Thomas à Becket, Henry II’s helper.

I’m Back

I’m back from a wonderful weekend. We went here . Not much school going on today. I’m just getting the house back into order and easing back into our regularly scheduled routine.

I’m Kanga

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Just A Link

I haven’t had time to blog lately. Ditto for today. I’ll try to post an update later this week. In the meantime, check out this at Higher Up and Further In, a lovely Ambleside/Charlotte Mason Website. You may have to scroll up to find the top of the post.

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