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Homeschooling on a Shoestring

One of the myths that many new homeschooling families fall prey to is that you have to spend money to educate your children. When you are just starting out, I suggest that you hide your credit cards. One wise mom advised new homeschoolers to leave their wallets in the car when visiting curriculum fairs. If […]

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Words of Encouragement To Parents of Special Needs Kids

I am almost used to having a boy in school. Almost. If you are homeschooling a special needs child and are thinking of sending your child to public school, I want to send you some words of encouragement. I have been homeschooling my 3 sons for 12 years, Birthday season is almost here, but right […]

Back to Basics with Short Lessons

My youngest is in the first grade. It’s funny…when one has multiple children, there is a certain Mommy Amnesia that sets in, causing one to forget that one’s other children went through the same stages. R has always had difficulty focusing on and completing his work. (The other two did also at his age.) Lately, […]

Change is Good: Making the Transition to Public School

When Things Are Not Working, Change and Follow Through Our lives have recently changed dramatically. My 12 year old has just started public school. It was a fairly quick decision on the surface, but really, it had been on our minds for many months. T has not really been thriving in our home school environment. […]

Slow Day

Today is a slow day. T did not sleep last night, so I expect him to take a nap. He was the first one started on his school work and is slowly completing his math (or reading the body book for boys). R is participating in school only minimally. He is up for reading, but […]

Last Minute Plans

We have almost 4 weeks left of summer. We’ve been slacking this summer, but are starting anew after Labor Day. I have just enough time to order last minute books and get the curriculum charts ready. The 6yo is very excited about starting Year 1 of Ambleside. In addition, his Greek, Latin, and Italics books […]

The New List

I really don’t have much to report, but didn’t want to neglect this blog for long. I haven’t been writing because, well, we’ve been busy with school and life. Both boys are finished (or will finish in a couple of days) with their current Greek books. I’m starting to compose my supply list/book order. So […]

Stick With The Cake

I’m back. We actually started back promptly on September 2 and have not missed a day yet. I’ve revamped our schedule so that we have 5 weeks on and 2 weeks off year round. I felt that there were many things around the house that weren’t getting done and that was frustrating me. I am […]

Hiatus – Latin, from hiare to yawn

We’ve been taking a hiatus from our studies lately. We did complete 175 out of 180 scheduled school days. But, I’ve really needed a break. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be planning & purchasing for the next year. Stay tuned… 

3 Geniuses and the Summer Doldrums

We have had school every day this week, though at a reduced pace. I really need a break, but don’t think we can really afford to take a long one. T has been doing most of his work solo, concentrating on math, italics, Latin and his readings. D has been doing math and a little […]